TikTok for real estate professionals might help you win the never-ending race for new clients during a strong property market.

Remember the good old days of open houses, when advertising free food and a tour of the property was all it took to get everyone in the neighbourhood excited about your listings?

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, virtual home tours have become increasingly popular, and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are frequently used as a starting point for promoting real estate online in an effort to attract new clients. According to a recent survey conducted by Zillow, over 36% of respondents are open to buying a home online without ever setting foot in the property.

In order to compete with other agents in their area, real estate professionals nowadays must be more savvy than ever before when it comes to marketing in order to attract potential buyers.

Knowing how to use TikTok efficiently will demonstrate to customers that you’re ahead of the curve. TikTok allows you to provide your customers with useful information without having to devote a lot of time to content creation.

Why would a real estate agent think of using TikTok?

You, as a realtor, may be asking what value you can add to a site that is mostly frequented by bored millennials and Gen Z. It may come as a surprise to find that some real estate agents have reported tremendous success after utilising TikTok, with one agency claiming to have had hundreds of enquiries for a single listing using the network.

While your firm can utilise TikTok to generate leads organically, it also has the potential to monetise the platform on its own.

When it comes to real estate, how might TikTok prove most useful?

Making short videos that people actually want to watch is the key to getting views on TikTok. Here are some suggestions:

The industry’s dos and don’ts

You should also be yourself in the videos you create. You should give potential customers an accurate portrayal of the person they’ll be communicating with if they decide to contact you as you generate leads.

How can I begin using TikTok?

Making a TikTok account, like those on most other social media sites, takes only a few minutes and is completely free. It’s as simple as installing the TikTok app on your phone and creating an account. Setting up a TikTok profile and selecting how to curate content is the next crucial step for real estate brokers just getting started with the platform.

Tips for making the most of your TikTok page

You want visitors to visit your TikTok page and immediately recognise who you are, what you provide, and how to get in touch with you. If you want to be successful on TikTok, you need to make sure that this information is prominently displayed on your page.

What are the best practises for real estate brokers to use TikTok?

When you’re just starting out on any given social media network, it’s important to familiarise yourself with some basic guidelines. Four of the best practises for using TikTok in the real estate industry are detailed below.

Observe and adopt current fashions

One can put one’s own spin on numerous current trends in the real estate market, such as revealing previously unknown rooms or providing real estate advice. A substantial amount of your content should be as unique as possible, but there are several advantages to sprinkling it with stuff that is currently popular.

People tend to pay attention to what’s popular at any given moment. Following the latest trends in content creation can also help you get included on someone’s “for you” page. The algorithm can serve up more of the trend’s material to a user if they’ve shown an affinity for it in the past.

Incorporate paid promotion alongside your natural social media updates.

TikTok’s strength lies in the fact that it allows users to selectively aggregate both unpaid and sponsored content. Even with paid advertisements, TikTok recommends that businesses keep their promotional content subtle and natural.

A successful approach makes use of organic postings to test the waters with the potential customers and see what kind of material generates the most interaction. This data may be used to either repurpose successful postings as adverts for your company or to inform the creation of new forms of monetized content that will appeal to your audience.

Third, maintain a regular posting schedule

It is widely agreed upon that the “Golden Rule” of TikTok is to publish at least once every day, and as often as three times per day if you are just building your audience.

In addition to your already hectic real estate routine, this figure may seem insurmountable. It’s important to remember that TikTok is tailored to posting extremely little videos; a 15-second clip may be edited and uploaded directly from the app. If you want to make a tonne of content at one time and schedule it large go live at a later time, you can use any of a number of different TikTok schedulers.

Reach your target demographic by using hashtags

By tagging your posts with relevant hashtags, you can help computers better understand the subject matter you’re discussing. Hashtags are clickable, so selecting one will take you to a feed of all the posts that use that particular hashtag. That’s why you should employ trending hashtags that also make some sense for your content.

To get started, search up popular real estate hashtags or study the hashtags used by your top competitors.

As a first step, pick a username and display name that are both easy to remember and convey your identity; the name of your real estate office is a good option.