Is there anything more crucial than picking the best fonts for your TikTok videos? No, the birth of your first child or your graduation from college are not acceptable.

Like any other design decision, the font you use on TikTok speaks volumes about your brand identity and the audience you’re hoping to attract.

Even though it’s a big call, picking the best font for your TikTok videos doesn’t have to be scary.

Does anyone know what TikTok’s fonts are?

The fonts in the TikTok app are a great way to express yourself creatively. While “TikTok fonts” would be more accurate, we’ll avoid getting into a semantic debate about “font vs. typeface” for now.

When adding text to your video or photo, you have a selection of Classic, Typewriter, Neon, and Serif fonts from which to choose. Every option has its own distinctive flavour; pick carefully.

Our review of TikTok’s typefaces follows

The definition of a classic is something that is uncluttered and undeniably beautiful. This was the font used by TikTok in 2020, so if it makes you nostalgic for that year, you can thank the fact that everyone was stuck inside making viral TikTok videos.

TikTok’s Classic font is reminiscent of the ubiquitous and ever-fashionable Proxima Nova of the early 2000s. BuzzFeed, Mashable, NBC News, and Wired are just a few of the many online powerhouses that have relied on this font heavily.

In contrast, the classic style is warm and unassuming. It won’t detract from what you’re showing, making it perfect for any video’s body copy. It also helps to streamline the readability of instructional videos and visual guides.

You can create a rational layout by combining it with a different, more eye-catching font.
Old-school private eyes smoking cigarettes by the pack while waiting for a femme fatale to come to them are the inspiration for Typewriter Typewriter. The combination of grunge and nostalgia from the 1950s is very strong here.

The retro vibe of Typewriter makes it a great choice for such content, but it also works beautifully for more poetic or dreamy posts.

A word of caution, though: the Typewriter isn’t ideal for writing lengthy passages. If you need to write a paragraph, Classic could be a better option.


You can’t go wrong with the Handwriting font on TikTok if you and your BFF are more on the rustic side. This typeface leans towards the feminine, making it ideal for use in fashion and beauty-related projects.

However, if you need to type more than a few words, you should probably look elsewhere. Although this typeface is visually appealing, it is not always easy to read. It’s most effective when used as a heading, a title, or a focus word.


Neon is geometric, vivid, and pops with an art deco influence. You could also say that Neon has a Las Vegas feel to it.

You can use it to make your content look like classic movie posters or give it a gritty Hollywood vibe.

Don’t make this font fight for attention by using it alongside other similar fonts. Independently, neon is fine.

You shouldn’t use it for anything more involved than short sentences, either. You only need about three words.


The Serif font is the only serif on this entire list, and it is a traditional serif font. (Serifs are the lines added to the main form of a letter to make it look fancier.)

The use of a serifed font can make the reader feel as though they are attending a special event, such as a wedding or a royal visit.

It’s okay to use Serif with a little less strictness. Lowercase Because serif works well for body copy, you can easily type out longer passages. A title or header benefiting from all capitalization.

Including captions in TikTok videos: a guide

You can either use the TikTok app itself or a third-party TikTok fonts generator to add text to your videos.

Using an external tool to expand your font selection isn’t always the best course of action. Don’t stop reading because there’s more where that came from!

Modifying a TikTok video with subtitles
In just four simple steps, you can add text to your content:

  • First, launch the TikTok app.
    Click the plus sign in the centre of the bottom row. You can either create new content to upload or film a new TikTok here.
    Secondly, select “Text” from the menu on the top right.
    Then, look through your available colour palettes and font styles until you find the one that best represents the mood you want to convey.
  • Third, select the checkmark in the upper right corner to finish.
    Finish off your photo with a descriptive caption and trending hashtags.
  • Fourth, push the “Post” button to make your changes public.
    The discussion is over.

Here’s why you should incorporate text into your TikToks

Including text in your TikTok videos is a simple way to improve them. Reasons why are listed below.


The information on the For You page flows at you like a torrent. You have to hook people right away if you want to make an impression. Insert some catchy text into the video’s thumbnail and opening seconds to draw in viewers.

You can use your on-screen text to highlight key points of your message that you don’t want your audience to miss.


Video without sound may be more appealing to some viewers. Adding subtitles or transcripts to your videos increases their accessibility.

Text can be used to divide up and clarify more extensive works, making them more digestible for readers.


Video search engine optimization is not a pipe dream, and the TikTok algorithm is becoming less of a black box.

TikTok has stated that using its effects and text will increase your content’s ranking on the For You page.