With Instagram, even the smallest businesses can compete with the big guys for new customers. However, a company’s Instagram account alone won’t generate results. You have the ability to be the engine of your own expansion if you keep up a robust online presence on Instagram with material that is both relevant and interesting.

Instagram has over a billion monthly users; 90% of them follow at least one business, suggesting they are receptive to and interested in learning about, following, and connecting with small companies like yours, which you can reach by posting often on the platform.

Here, you’ll learn how to use Instagram’s enormous potential by using short videos to attract new clients and expand your business. The greatest thing is that with Promo’s online movie creator, infinite stock footage, and one-click branding, making videos is quick, entertaining, and simple. Let’s get into action.

The Influence of Instagram’s 15-Second Videos

When it comes to advertising on social media, Instagram and short videos are king. They are an ideal pair. Despite Instagram’s inception as a photo-sharing app, the service has rapidly evolved into a major hub for online video. There is a 21.2% increase in engagement with videos compared to photos on Instagram.

Bite-sized video content has emerged as the primary metric for social media expansion in the past several years, and short-form content has seized the initiative. Short-form content doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon, and by 2022, it will have established itself as the preeminent tool for helping businesses communicate content.

Companies now have the option to make compelling, personal content in the form of short films. All the goals of long-form content are met by these videos and more, including increased engagement and substantial revenue. In addition, companies are encouraged to step up their advertising and get in on the action by using short-form videos.

What Elements Make Up a Solid Instagram Content Strategy

Instagram videos may be made on the fly, but to maximise your account’s potential, you should instead work on a monthly content strategy. Consider what you hope to accomplish this month with your Instagram marketing and make a plan to get there.

Think about answering these questions in a content strategy brainstorming session. The more concise and well-researched your responses are, the simpler it will be to put your strategy into action.

Which definite, quantifiable, and attainable outcomes do I hope to achieve with my Instagram promotion this month?
It’s important to have objectives so that you have something to strive towards, and it’ll be much simpler to do so if you phrase them as clearly and explicitly as possible.

Who should be my Instagram followers?

When deciding what to write about, this question will be of paramount importance. Instagram followers who are ideal customers will overlap with those demographics in most cases.

Instagram analytics might provide some unexpected information about your intended audience. You may learn more about who is reading and interacting with your content thanks to the available demographic data.

The “Audience” and “Insights” tabs may be found under the “Business” menu. Information about your current followers will be displayed, including demographics like age, gender, and location.

Where are my rivals’ Instagram posts?

Check out the Instagram pages of businesses you know to be in direct competition with you. Take note of the accounts that are thriving with plenty of followers and activity, as well as those that are struggling.

What should be the frequency of my Instagram video uploads?

Hootsuite, a social media management tool, suggests posting to your feed twice or thrice each week and your stories at least once per day. You can always publish less regularly if this seems like too much work. Try to maintain a regular posting schedule and avoid extended lulls. When it comes to tales, though, brands may really let free; it’s not unusual for them to publish ten or fifteen stories in a single day.

When will my next Instagram post be?

You may keep on track with routinely posting relevant material by keeping a content calendar with major dates like national holidays or crucial events for your business, like sales or new product launch days. Your content calendar might range from serious announcements of milestones like your company’s fifth anniversary to more humorous tales like ones that wish your consumers a happy National Take a Chance Day.

The Role of Promotion in Increasing Instagram Video Views

A key component of your Instagram video content strategy is determining the best approach to creating your Instagram videos, as we discussed above. You may achieve this in a variety of ways, such as by using a professional film maker or by just tapping the record button on your smartphone.

However, if you’re looking for a solution that won’t break the bank but will yield polished results, an online video editor like Promo is the way to go. Some of the ways in which Promo may assist you in making Instagram videos are shown below.

Rapid Advertising

Consistency in branding throughout all of your films is a fantastic approach to build consumer familiarity with your company. With Promo, it’s a breeze to personalise your videos with custom fonts, colours, graphics, and logos thanks to the program’s intuitive video editor.