People used Instagram back in the day to talk about the things that interested them, upload pictures and videos, and stay in touch with their pals. Now, everyone from major corporations to solopreneurs may use this medium to connect with new individuals and expand their businesses.

With over a billion active users per month, Instagram is quickly becoming one of the most widely used social networking sites.

General Instagram Statistics

People spend an average of five minutes every day perusing Instagram.

Whether they are sitting in traffic or a meeting or on a break from work.
People are naturally inquisitive, and they like to keep tabs on what their favourite brands, friends, and celebrities are up to online.

Daily, 500 million Instagram profiles share stories.

Instagram Story creation can be a lot of fun and may do wonders for your brand’s exposure.

Instagram claims that as of January 2021, 500 million people use Stories every day, making it a great place to advertise your wares, provide useful resources, and interact with your target audience.

Roughly half of Instagram users have clicked on to a website.

Studies show that half of Instagram users click through to the associated website and make a purchase as a result of seeing an ad there.

Keeping this in mind, be sure to include a link to your website in your Instagram bio and update it as necessary.

Including a hashtag in your post increases engagement by 12.6% on average.

Using hashtags in Instagram is still a great technique to increase engagement with your photos.

Users may engage with various companies through the use of hashtags, which function as a call-to-action phrase.

Research shows that the average amount of interaction with a post increases by 12.6% when at least one hashtag is used.

Quantifying Instagram’s Popularity

Checking some Instagram usage numbers will shed light on how and how often people are using the site now that you know who they are.

People use Instagram not only to keep up with their favourite brands, but also to learn about developments in a variety of fields.

Eighty percent or more Instagram followers

are following a business, and two hundred million people daily are checking out business profiles.

Eighty percent of Instagram users say they’ve made a purchase decision based on a product or service they saw on the app.

The new Instagram feature, the reversible sticker, makes it more likely that people will make a purchase after seeing an ad for a product they are interested in.

Facebook reports that 88% of Instagram users claim they have made a purchase decision based on a product or service they saw on the app.

Eighty-three percent of Instagram users credit the app with helping them find new businesses.

Instagram has become a popular way to discover and learn about new places to eat, go to, and other forms of entertainment.
Instagram is a great platform from which to launch a social media marketing campaign for your company.

Three Instagram Userbase Statistics

You may better target your audience and produce effective messages by familiarising yourself with Instagram’s demographics.

Data on Instagram comments and likes

Investing time and energy into your Instagram account is essential if you want to increase your following and drive more engagement.

Let’s dive into some 2019 Instagram engagement data that every marketer should be aware of.

One Last Thing

It’s not only that you know and comprehend these Instagram numbers; it’s also what you do with them.

You may use these numbers as a foundation for planning and executing an Instagram marketing strategy in 2023.