How effective is your organic Instagram content? Looking for a way to get your hands on valuable analytics data without breaking the bank?

This article will teach you how to utilise Instagram’s built-in analytics tool, Insights, to examine seven distinct categories of Instagram posts. You will also learn the signs to look for to determine if your material is successfully reaching your target demographic.

Why Advertise on Instagram Using Its Data?

More than 1.074 billion people around the world use Instagram by 2021.

That’s why 71% of American companies are already on Instagram. The most effective ones, though, are not just blindly posting photos and videos online and hoping for a response. They’re planning ahead.

This is where we need analytical data’s help the most. If you have a firm grasp on your core demographic, down to the specifics of when and what kind of material they engage with most, you’ll have everything you need to establish a thriving Instagram business presence.

Instagram’s Analytics for Stories

Learn how your feed postings fared in terms of audience engagement and discovery using Instagram Insights.

Your own posts will be the first choice under “Content You Shared” in your Insights Overview.

To help you quickly identify which posts garnered the most attention from your followers, Instagram sorts your content by performance within Posts.
Instagram’s feed will display images, videos, and carousel posts by default.

You can limit the information displayed by selecting the specific post types, metrics, and time ranges of interest to you. These options not only provide you a bird’s-eye view, but also let you fine-tune your findings to correspond with the exact Instagram KPIs you require for your content strategy.

Instagram’s Analytic Tools for Stories

Given that 500 million daily users are on Instagram Stories, businesses can potentially reach a large audience through this medium. According to Instagram, one-third of the most-viewed stories are posted by brands.

Instagram Stories data can be accessed in the same manner that Instagram Feed data is. Under Content You Shared in your Insights Overview, you’ll notice articles that were shared in response to your feed postings.
You may use Instagram Insights to see which of your stories are performing the best. You can narrow your content analysis by selecting a certain time frame and/or story metrics like the number of back clicks, calls made, emails sent, stories followed, exited, and next stories viewed.

IGTV Post Analytics on Instagram

Up to two years’ worth of IGTV content can be analysed using Instagram Insights.

This information is accessible in the same place as your feed posts and stories: the Insights Overview, under Content You Shared, in the IGTV area.

Here, you can modify two parameters depending on the metrics you’re interested in examining.

Select the time range you’re interested in, and then refine your results by average % watched, comments, likes, reach, saves, shares, video views, and IGTV video interactions.

Instagram’s Real-Time Video Analytics

Instagram Live videos have exploded in popularity over the past year, but until recently, no analytics tools were available to track the performance of Instagram Live broadcasts.

May of 2021 saw the addition of Reels analytics and Live to Insights on Instagram. After May 24, 2021, insights will be included in all new live feeds.

Instagram Live analytics are accessible in the same place as the other features we’ve looked at so far: the Insights Overview, specifically the Content You Shared section. Reached accounts, peak concurrent viewers, and live engagements like comments and shares are all trackable metrics for Instagram Live.

Measures of success for live videos on Instagram:

  • While knowing how many people you were able to contact is significant, audience engagement is a far more meaningful indicator of your content’s success.
  • Most People Watching at Once: This indicator reveals the peak number of viewers for the video.
  • Comments and shares in real time let you know if your audience is interested. A large audience size without accompanying engagement (like comments and shares) should raise red flags.
  • Instagram Data for Showreels
  • Instagram introduced Reels in 2020, and in May 2021, they introduced analytical insights. You can always find this part of Insights right where you left it, under the Content You Shared sections.

Like the rest of Instagram, Reels data may be filtered by date range and statistic (like comments, likes, saves, reach, plays, shares, and interactions) within the previous two years.
You can also get a detailed breakdown of a single reel within that reel. To access the menu, select the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.

Instagram Data for Travel Writers

Since Instagram Guides is a relatively new feature, there aren’t many analytics tools devoted to them just yet. Neither your Guides nor any information about them can be found in the three dots on the guide itself, nor are they included in the Content You Shared part of Insights with your posts, stories, reels, IGTV, and live videos.

Since Instagram Guides are now just compilations of previously published locations, items, and posts, any engagement numbers will instead reflect the reach of the source material rather than the guide itself. As Instagram adds more features and data scientists learn more, this could shift.

Instagram Analytics for Highlights Collections

Instagram stories saved in a highlights album can be viewed alongside their analytics in the same way as any other story by tapping on the album to open it and then swiping up. The number of impressions, new followers, accounts reached, and profile visits will all be displayed.