One of the most talked-about subjects today is influencer marketing. The number of Google searches for “influencer marketing” doubled from 2016 to 2017. Did you also know that around this time, interest in becoming a “Instagram influencer” tripled?

If this comes as a surprise, I’ll give you some more statistics regarding Instagram as a whole.

Over 800 million people use Instagram at least once a month, with over half of those using it every single day.
Every day, 200 million Instagram users go to a commercial account.
About two-thirds of these views come from people who don’t follow the accounts in question.
Some firms saw a 44% increase in website traffic after Instagram introduced the shopping feature (in certain regions).
Currently, Instagram hosts over 25 million business profiles.
I’m confident you now see the potential benefits Instagram can bring to your company’s advertising and promotion efforts. However, your chances of success improve when you include influential people.

Provide Genuine Material as Required

Today’s consumers just want genuine products. Customers no longer blindly trust commercials on television or in newspapers when deciding what to buy. Consumers in today’s internet and social media era value recommendations from their peers. Demonstrating that your goods perform what they promise to do.

That’s why utilising Instagram influencer marketing is essential. Influencers have a devoted following because their followers value and respect their knowledge and judgement.

Two-thirds of all material from beauty firms and fifty percent of all content from fashion brands, according to surveys, mentions another person. The most popular Instagram accounts are those related to the beauty and fashion industries. The study’s results further demonstrate how integral a role influencers play in their Instagram campaigns.

Capture attention with engaging narratives and beautiful compositions

Reaching your target audience on Instagram without spending money on ads is possible with Instagram influencer marketing.

Consider it in this light. How often do you take the time to read an Instagram post in its entirety, despite the “sponsored” label? The vast majority of readers will click on such links without giving them any thought.

The impact of influencers is particularly significant in this context. Those who have influence are experts at telling stories and making content. Their work is both aesthetically pleasing and extremely useful to their audience. Content like this is far more effective at gaining consumers’ confidence than any other sort of advertising.

WWD claims that 70% of Revolve’s sales are influenced by the company’s influencers. But you might still be wondering why a business would put so much money into influencers. So, let’s analyse the benefits of this marketing strategy for Revolve:

Exotic trips and swag help influencers feel more connected to the company. This is a must-have for any effective influencer marketing strategy.
In particular, it aids in projecting a “cool” image to the brand’s core demographic, millennials. Customer aspirations are reflected in the content produced by Revolve’s influencers.
It significantly raises consumers’ interest in making a purchase from the brand. Sixty-four percent of female mobile buyers say product visuals affect their decisions.

Collaborate with influential people

Getting a famous person to promote your product could cost you millions. You may get considerably more bang for your buck by employing influencers to spread the word about your business. Why? That’s because their followers put a lot of stock in their advice, thoughts, and recommendations.

Working with micro-influencers in your field might help you obtain enormous engagement even on a tight budget. They are able to develop closer connections with their followers because their numbers are lesser. Because of this, they have the highest engagement rates and their audiences’ interests are laser-focused.
Therefore, cooperating with micro-influencers allows you to reach your target audiences through their eyes and ears. Naturally, this means there will be more converts as a result.
Bloglovin’ found that 59% of micro-influencers found Instagram to be the most successful channel for audience engagement. Eighty-four percent of them are reported to demand no more than $250 for sponsored Instagram posts. As you can see, using Instagram influencers as a form of advertising is a great way to reach your target audience without breaking the bank.

This guide will help you locate and collaborate with the best influencers for your needs.

There include checklists, rate sheets, suggestions, etc.

Concluding Remarks

Instagram is a top choice among marketing channels. And influencer marketing can help you use the platform without coming off as spammy or aggressive.

However, always remember to explicitly state your affiliations with any influencers featured in a piece. If you don’t follow this rule, the Federal Trade Commission can take legal action against you.

Instagram influencer marketing is a highly efficient and successful method of reaching your audience.