If you need a large following on Instagram but aren’t getting it via other social media sites, you may need to take matters into your own hands. This takes a lot of effort, so it’s smart to use an Instagram marketing tool to help you reach more people and grow your following. This is one of many things that Combin can help you with. In this article, we examine Combin Growth, a useful tool that assists in acquiring genuine Instagram followers and interaction.

The First Steps

Growth and Scheduler versions of Combin are available. The former is made for Instagram Stories and Post Planning, while the latter is an Instagram audience management and attraction tool, which is the focus of this review.

Users will first need to download and install the appropriate utility on their device before they can begin utilising either option. It’s possible to get Combin for Linux, Mac OS X, or Ubuntu. Although we think it would make Combin more enticing if users could access it via a browser, this is not currently possible.

Applications of Combinatorial Growth

To find new users and articles that relate to your own brand or specialty, you may use the key feature of Combin Growth. A fixed amount of daily searches are available to you based on your subscription level.

Using the More In-Depth Search Function of Combin

The search function on Combin Growth makes it easy to find other people and articles that a user is interested in following and commenting on in the hopes of obtaining a similar response.

Combin clarifies that their app does not facilitate the false acquisition of likes or followers. This is crucial, since using such tactics might alert Instagram’s monitoring mechanisms, leading to a suspension or possibly a permanent ban for your account. If you want to err on the side of caution, use Combin with restraint as well.

The Combin search panel has a minimal interface that packs a serious punch. Your search options go well beyond just posts or users; you can refine them by geography to identify people in your immediate vicinity, choose how far back in time the tool should look for relevant postings, and more. You may restrict Combin to finding the most popular posts by specifying a minimum number of likes and comments.

To get even more customization choices, enable “Advanced Filters and Analysis” at the bottom of the Search page. Here you may tell Combin to prioritise male or female accounts, as well as change its language settings. Additionally, you may select persons who have a specific amount of followers.

In our testing, we found that using the Combin search feature with the Location filter set to Anywhere yielded the best results. More specific findings from the tool take a lot longer to come up with, and they don’t always come up at all.

Sort Out Your Search Results Easily

Once the results have been displayed by Combin, you may choose which ones to follow, like, or remark on. In addition, automated Story playback is a viable solution.

About 20 posts’ worth of likes, comments, and account additions went off without a hitch. However, we refrained from making mass quantities of posts at once, so as not to raise red flags with Instagram. Remember that you will need to make numerous comments if your mass commenting event comprises more than 15 items.

The Key to Successful Combination Expansion

The free version of Combin Growth allows you to manage one account, execute 200 daily activities, and view 50 search results for posts. Combin provides two more premium options if you feel you require more.