Offering anything for free has several benefits, including boosting business in many ways.
Promotional freebies can help you connect with your current clientele and find new ones. This is particularly the case if you already have a sizable social media following or are actively working to expand it.

If you can come up with the correct company giveaway ideas and put them into action, you may increase brand awareness in a lighthearted way. And it doesn’t feel like a hard sell like some other forms of advertising can. Even if your goal is to gain an email address or a social media follow in exchange for an entry, a giveaway doesn’t feel as transactional.

You may promote your products and services, attract new customers, grow your email list, interact with your social media followers, and network with other local businesses by hosting a giveaway.

Ideas for corporate giveaways


The idea behind a sweepstakes is straightforward: customers have a single opportunity to participate by interacting with your company in some way (such as providing an email address or following your social media accounts), and a winner is selected at the end of a set period of time. The incentive should be associated with your business in some way, such as a freebie. You can hold a sweepstakes in person, where customers come to your store and put their names in a bowl, or you can do it digitally, where followers of your social media accounts can enter.


Each time a customer completes a predetermined task within a given time frame, they may be entered into a raffle for a chance to win a gift. It may be completing a purchase, using a reusable bag, choosing paperless receipts, joining your mailing list, following you on social media, or recommending you to a friend. Permitting customers to make multiple purchases at once can boost profitability. It’s up to you to decide what to give away, be it a discount on their next purchase or a free item of their choosing up to a specified price range.

Picture Takedown

The aim behind this digital promotion is to have customers upload images they’ve taken of, or with, your products on social media. Then, pick a winner at random or select your favourite response. In order to maintain track of the submissions and to increase engagement with your business, have your customers tag your page in their photos and follow your page when they post about it.

Discount voucher that comes as a surprise

Give customers a coupon for an unexpected discount either when they visit your store or when they check their email. A voucher for a percentage off their next purchase is another great way to get them to come back.


Sending out a survey or quiz by email can help you learn more about your consumers’ likes and dislikes, areas for improvement, and ideas for new products and services. In exchange for their time, you can offer them a freebie, a discount on their next purchase, or some other perk.


Do you need some inspiration for a brand name, logo, or product? Invite your consumers to weigh in with their suggestions in person or via social media. You can obtain new ideas for your company and reward the client who suggests the best one with a freebie or a discount.

Present with purchase

Providing a bonus to buyers can increase conversion rates and revenue. Customers can be rewarded for their patronage and your brand can get out there with the use of branded swag like tote bags and water bottles.

Take a spin on the deal wheel

If you’re in a creative mood and looking for ways to get folks in the door, one idea is to have them spin a wheel with different incentives on it. You can offer free samples of the products or services you sell, or you can provide a discount voucher they can use at your establishment. Miniature branded products are also available.

Choose your medium

Whether you choose to host a physical or digital giveaway depends on factors including budget, objectives, and client preferences. For example, if you want more people to follow you and interact with your content on Instagram, hosting a giveaway there might be a good idea. Joint giveaways with other local companies can be a great way to get your name out there when you’re just starting out. Your brand will reach new people and pick up new fans thanks to the cross-promotion.

If you don’t want to use social media or don’t have a physical storefront, you can always use a giveaway site to host your online contests. You can host your giveaway on these sites or find partners among them.

Keep in mind the regulations

Terms and conditions for participants are necessary for any company giveaway, especially one hosted online. Most can be made using premade online templates; you just need to make sure that they are accessible to contestants. Consider posting the T&Cs on your company website and linking to them from your social media profiles if you have one.