Did you know that the Instagram algorithm places a higher value on comments and considers them a sign of engagement? And that’s why you need to craft Instagram captions that grab the attention and engagement of your intended audience. As vital as it is to provide engaging content, it is equally necessary to read the comments posted on your posts and reply to them.

Instagram users appreciate it when brands respond to their comments. Their impression of your brand might improve as a result. A sense of belonging is attainable via social interactions. When you interact with your followers, they are more likely to follow your account and become devoted followers.

How do you respond to comments on Instagram postings, though? This article will go into the topic and offer some helpful advice. Go ahead and get going.

Just why is it important to reply to Instagram comments?

Inject New Life Into Your Company

You should always respond to comments on Instagram posts since you never know who could become a customer. Instagram comments are a great source of information for businesses looking to expand the consumer base.

Forms the Image of Your Company

Whenever a client interacts with a business via a post, remark, mention, or tag, they anticipate receiving excellent service.

It’s important to show your consumers and potential customers that you care by responding to their comments on Instagram.

Boost Customer Dedication

Having happy Instagram customers who spread the word about your business is crucial to the success of your Inbound Marketing strategy.

Pinpoint Weaknesses in Your Offerings

Instagram provides crucial information to companies. Use Instagram comments as a gold mine of customer feedback to improve your business.

Instagram comments make it simple to gauge customer opinion and monitor discussions.

Instagram Comment Types and How to Reply to Them


There will be those who ask you straightforward, product-related questions, while others may try to draw you out with personal or controversial inquiries.

It’s important to respond quickly and politely to questions and comments, whether the individual asking them is confused or just inquisitive.

Verbal Outbursts

In business, dealing with unhappy clients is par for the course.

As quickly as possible, respond to such clients who have expressed their dissatisfaction and reassure them that you are doing all in your power to make things right.

Provide Help with Queries

These days, most companies treat social media like any other customer service channel and respond to inquiries there.

Instagram comments and messages must be responded to in a timely manner with a professional, kind, and helpful response, since the people who leave them may very well become your customers.

Non-direct/neutral feedback

When people post on Instagram, they may just be expressing their thoughts.

You have the option of responding to such remarks or ignoring them altogether if you feel no need to interact further.

Communication By Sharing And Mentioning

It’s awesome when other Instagram users take note of your content and show their appreciation by like, commenting, and sharing it.

It’s wonderful to respond to these shared posts, both to thank the person who shared it and to encourage them to continue doing so.

Instagram commenting best practises

Preserve Your Discretion At All Times

Try to keep a cool head while responding to Instagram comments from customers who are being humorously, sarcastically, or provocatively rude.

Never Lose Your Identity

Maintaining a professional demeanour does not imply a lack of personality. Brands with a memorable and engaging personality perform better in the eyes of consumers. Reply with emoticons if you want to sound more friendly.

Be Sincere

Tell the truth and admit that you don’t know the answer if a customer asks a question to which you don’t have an instant response. Instead of disregarding complaints or making empty promises, being honest is the best way to appease clients and win their loyalty.

When it’s time, go offline

Instagram direct messages (DMs), private chats, phone, and email support should be used for conversations that might be controversial, sensitive, or involve revealing of personal information.

Assess Your Friendships and Record Your Results

If you want to provide better service, it’s a good idea to keep track of customer opinions, user comments, and average response times.

Methods for Monitoring Instagram Reactions

Prepare Observational Feeds

Potential buyers will be discussing your company on a variety of social media sites. As a result, the ability to monitor these activities across platforms in one location is crucial.

Keeping an eye out for comments and mentions with the aid of social media management tools.

Watch Who Mentions You, What They Say, And What You Say Back.

Using a centralised system like Statusbrew to monitor all of your mentions, tags, comments, and responses will allow you to not only respond rapidly, but also regulate discussions with ease. In fact, you and your team members may work together on a response within the same dashboard before you send it out to the world.

Does it make a difference whether you answer people’s Instagram comments?

If you’re a company with social media objectives on Instagram, one of the best ways to get started is to respond to the comments you receive there. Of course, you don’t have to respond to every single comment, but you should support those who are really interested in your products or services.