The corporate world is the latest frontier for the Instagram phenomenon, which was formerly the purview of bloggers and socialites. Instagram, with its emphasis on visuals, is a great platform for product promotion because of the growing importance of social media in all aspects of marketing and public relations. It’s a no-brainer to expand your company to the photographic platform and gain access to the site’s 800 million monthly active users.

First, Step It Up

To start, the iPhone is an amazing piece of technology. It has popularised an app-driven economy and facilitated open communication, among other things, and it has fundamentally altered the ways in which we engage with one another in our professional and personal lives. however that is clearly not a camera. In order to take a “true” picture, a smartphone needs more light-gathering capabilities and a higher pixel density than either the iPhone or any other smartphone currently on the market has. Although while smartphone cameras have improved greatly and can now capture passable snapshots, they still can’t hold a candle to a professional-grade digital single-lens reflex camera.

You’ll need a good DSLR and a thorough understanding of lenses to handle the varying lighting and subject distances of each photo. Understand the benefits and drawbacks of using a prime lens vs a wide angle, for instance, while shooting in a crowded environment. You may use this to establish a uniform aesthetic that’s both refined and engaging.

When I type these words, I can nearly feel the rebuke; after all, it looks as though all I’m asking is for you to spend more money, but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. These days, DSLRs can be purchased for a reasonable price online, and if you don’t already own a lens, renting one from Fat Lama is your best bet. This P2P lending site is dedicated to photography gear and has a wide variety of cameras and lenses available for borrowing. 

Second, you should use content ruthlessly.

Over-uploading can ruin an Instagram account. The same is true in photography; if you expose your work too much, it will look terrible. Potential clients will get desensitised to your content if you fill your news feed with mundane and unrelated photos of your breakfast or the dawn outside your workplace (no matter how amazing they may be). Simply said, they won’t bother to look at your updates anymore.

Maintain a sense of novelty, excitement, and, most crucially, brand focus. Think about the value to the brand when you build a post. Ask yourself: Is it pertinent enough?  It’s important to keep in mind that this isn’t some sort of diversion, but rather an advertisement that has to be handled as such. With this in mind, it is wise to create brand-specific hashtags that will display consistently in all of your postings. 

Method Three: Edit Like a Pro

While this is all in good fun, if you plan to use Instagram to promote your company, you should probably just get an editing suite like Adobe Photoshop and take it from there. When you have access to image-editing software, you may play about with the image’s elements and visuals in a way that results in a polished and elegant final product. In addition, if you don’t have the time or energy to manually go through all the different aspects, you may pick from a number of useful template-edits. This is an excellent investment if you want to improve your company’s visual marketing efforts, as it will come in handy for not just Instagram but also any other graphic project you want to roll out.

The takeaway here is that Instagram, like any other kind of publicity or marketing, requires careful attention to detail. These three parts aren’t proposing any ground-breaking ideas; rather, they’re directing your attention to common areas of error. S

Prepare Your Instagram Updates in Advance

Sorry to shatter your bubble, but casual Instagram use won’t make it a successful marketing medium. If you want your brand’s Instagram to succeed, you have to put in the work to make it successful. Working with hundreds of brands to make them great at visual marketing is no easy feat, and the number one complaint we get from businesses is that they just don’t have enough time. This is why we built Hopper (or lack thereof). The time and energy required to establish and maintain a substantial Instagram following is often underestimated.

Scheduling Instagram posts is the greatest approach to maximise the efficacy of your Instagram marketing efforts. Scheduling your posts in advance is something that the most popular companies on Instagram do, and it’s kind of a key to making your Instagram look fantastic and simple. For the purpose of simplicity, I will highlight just a few of the many benefits of prescheduling your Instagram posts:

One of the most noticeable benefits of scheduling is the amount of time it may save you. It takes a lot of effort and may not be worth it to include Instagram posting in your process. You may save a tonne of time by planning ahead, allowing you to devote more energy to things like content creation and audience growth.
Schedule months in advance to maintain consistency in your feed’s design; this will allow you to be as brutal as we recommend you be with your material. You’ll be ahead of the game by giving yourself complete creative control over the appearance of your stream before it goes live to your fans.
Desktop Posting – Instagram’s mobile-only posting feature is a major pain point for companies and enterprises, especially those that shoot with DSLRs and edit on desktop computers. When you use a scheduling tool like Hopper HQ, you can post from your desktop, make edits, and publish all in one spot; no more switching between your phone and computer!