Creating an Instagram account for your company and getting it up and running is no easy task. When first starting to expand your Instagram account through actual engagement, there are a number of factors to take into account. various businesses have used one of the various “bot” services available today, but this has only proven to be a stopgap measure to address the issue of poor interaction. They can also do significant damage to your company’s reputation.

The Instagram feed now displays content in a new order due to the use of an algorithm. Specifically, your most likely to engage with post is now displayed at the top of the stream rather than the most recently published item. Instagram will prioritise content from your most-engaged accounts, whose activity it tracks, so that you never miss a post from them.

The Previous Feed: Fight Disinterest

Before March 2016, your feed’s posts appeared in a straightforward, reverse-chronological order. This made it simple for users to determine the optimal posting times.

Age, geography, and daily habits all play a role in when various subsets of followers are most likely to be active on Instagram. Your brand’s social media success may be attributed in large part to your in-depth knowledge of your followers’ social media routines.

The goal of this updated algorithm is to reward thoughtful contribution rather than tactical posting.

Message Board Realism

Instagram claims that its users typically view only 30% of feed postings. The most urgent complaint was that users are losing out on some of their favourite accounts’ updates, despite the fact that it is just impracticable to view 100% of the posts (unless you’re addicted to the app 24/7).

Users still only view 30% of the feed after the upgrade, but now it’s from the people that matter most to them.

Making the Most of It

Instagram not only keeps posts that garner plenty of likes and comments at the top of the feed for longer, but it also keeps track of whose accounts you interact with the most. Instagram’s high engagement rate is the reason why the first post you see when you open your feed may be a day old.

When it comes to active participation from users, comments are more valuable than likes. Think about this when you write your next caption and ask your followers to share their thoughts by commenting or tagging their friends.

Subtle calls to action that don’t read like advertisements are a key component of many viral articles. You may see a call to action such as “tag a friend who would wear this” or “let us know your favourite products in the comments below.” Not only may you learn how to improve your offerings from the comments, but you might also get new followers and increase the longevity of your article in the process.

Possible Further Consequences

The current Instagram algorithm allows for organic growth to be boosted in a number of ways beyond just likes and comments. Similar results may be achieved via searching for a user or often sharing their posts through direct messaging without the person’s awareness.


Instagram’s ultimate goal is for all users to share interesting photos and videos that are seen by others who are really interested in them. Instagram’s original purpose, before it became a digital advertising platform, was to spark discussions via the sharing of high-quality visual content.

The strongest accounts will have an incentive to stick to the platform’s original intent thanks to this algorithm’s architecture. Don’t worry too much about your popularity right first; instead, focus on producing material that people want to interact with.