Instagram has significant e-commerce potential with its more than 800 million users. In order to engage with potential customers and advertise their products, marketers started using Instagram marketing. Since Instagram’s algorithm recently changed, it has become more difficult to contact clients without spending money on Instagram ads. It makes sense that the quantity of advertisements has increased over the past year, as shown by data from Klear, demonstrating Instagram’s value as a platform for advertising.

Although many marketers think running advertising costs a lot of money, you don’t need to squander money on ineffective campaigns. Instagram advertising may be optimised to produce greater outcomes while using less money.

Therefore, wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could dominate your Instagram advertising campaign?

Here is a list of advertising strategies to use to maximise your marketing and catch the attention of potential clients.

Pick the appropriate imagery

The hard truth is that you only have 2.7 seconds to attract someone’s attention. Every day, people are inundated with web ads. Therefore, you must use creativity to pique their interest in your company and its offerings.

The key to successful Instagram marketing campaigns is to select excellent images. In reality, 65% of us are visual learners, and visual perception plays a significant part in our lives.

But what distinguishes a great commercial image?

  • It is excellent.
  • It arouses feelings.
  • Instead of selling goods, it sells identity and a brand.
  • It stands out.
  • The same concept as the commercial copy is referenced.

The Levi’s jeans company makes the most of Instagram advertisements to connect with their target market. In order to market emotions or attitudes rather than objects, they concentrate on lifestyle photography. This fosters trust and creates an authentic brand story.
Spending less time and money to achieve greater outcomes is possible when you can draw your audience’s attention with the appropriate image.

Goal-oriented thinking

You must be aware of your advertising objectives in order to create effective Instagram advertising campaigns and connect with your target market. And focusing on the proper advertising objective is a tried-and-true technique to stretch your spending.

You have a choice between three different objective categories when running campaigns on Instagram:

  • Increase customer interest in your brand by increasing awareness.
  • If you want to expand your pool of potential customers, go for it. More followers who could be interested in your goods are attracted, which helps to spread awareness.
  • Make consumers consider utilising your brand by getting them to think about it.
  • To attract quality followers, you must first pique their interest and compel them to learn more about your company and its offerings.

Conversion: Convert your followers into buyers

Include a call to action in your content to persuade followers to stop by your store and make any necessary purchases.

Spending money on advertising without a specific goal is a waste of resources. Focus on your goal and make sure you spend your money on things that actually work after you know what you want your promotion to achieve.

Display information in a single advertisement

You must demonstrate the value of your product to customers if you want greater results. And highlighting the details is the only effective method to achieve it.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could present all the details in a single advertisement rather than allocating your resources to multiple campaigns?

So you may now choose the carousel format, which enables you to display up to 10 photos within a single advertisement. In actuality, carousel advertising boost click-through conversion (CTC) rates by 20%. So, include more images and information about your goods.
Carousel ads assist in giving a more thorough overview of your business and retaining the user’s attention for a little bit longer.

Using video advertising is another way to promote your goods or services. Videos can be uploaded in square or landscape formats and last up to 60 seconds.

Encouragement to act

Anyone else interested in raising the conversion rate?

You must understand the influence of a call-to-action (CTA) as a marketer. You may make the process simpler for your followers by telling them what to do next when you urge them to take action.

By including a CTA, you give instructions and direct prospects through your marketing funnel, improving outcomes.

You can select one of the following CTA buttons, depending on your company goal: learn more/shop now/watch more/contact us/book now/sign up.

Want proof? Poshmark, a marketplace for designer clothing, executed a campaign with a CTA that reduced their advertising expenses by 28%.

Find alternate means of promotion

Have you ever heard that it pays to think outside the box?

You can find cheaper ways to introduce your product to a community that has already been developed and spread the word about it. As influencers may promote a product for little or no cost and offer authenticity, more and more businesses are turning to them.

Bonus advice

Want any more advice?

Boost Instagram engagement: If you want your posts to be viewed, you must start to stand out on the platform.
Improve Instagram for e-commerce to make it easier for customers to make purchases. Be as direct as possible while selling on the site.
Try using user-generated content (UGC): Because people don’t necessarily trust branded content, you should incorporate UGC into your marketing strategy to increase authenticity.
Give your email marketing initiatives some Instagram love.