There’s no denying that many TikTok producers and brands would benefit greatly from an increase in their audience size, but the question remains: how can this be accomplished? With the help of real-world examples from different brands and creators, we’ll go into the specifics, such as the motivations behind wanting more followers and the strategies that have worked for them to grow their TikTok audience organically. There are no short cuts here, so hold on tight.

When did you decide that you needed more fans?

Do you represent a company attempting to promote its wares? You’re a musician looking to get your name out there, right? Or perhaps you want to use TikTok to advertise your business to other companies. However you got here, it’s important to ask yourself these sorts of questions to get to the bottom of why you’re using the service in the first place.

Best practises for attracting and retaining loyal TikTok fans over time are outlined below

When you don’t have a strategy in place, gathering an audience can feel insurmountable. Fortunately, we’ll go over ways (such as posting often, interacting with the community, making smart use of hashtags, and investing in paid promotion) that can help you attract organic followers on TikTok.

Update Regularly

Iteration is the key to progress in any field of study or endeavour. Consistency and iterative learning are crucial on TikTok. Consistent uploading allows you to see which videos are the most popular, which get the most views, the longest watch times, the highest click-through rates, etc.

Maintain Consistency

Maintaining a steady, daily blogging schedule can feel insurmountable at times, but content buckets are here to help you out. Content buckets are the tenets or ideals of your brand that can be drawn upon as you decide what to create.

Your content categories should be based on your unique selling proposition (USP) to set you out from the competition. As a wedding photographer, your unique selling proposition could be that you offer a visual style that your competitors don’t.
Take part in the TikTok Community by collaborating with other users or commenting on the videos of others.

Interacting with other users can be a great method to gain exposure and followers in a natural way. You may do this in a number of different ways, such as by re-creating videos from other users or seizing on trends that make sense for your company, commenting on, and reposting another account’s TikTok, or using the duet tool, which is a direct reply to the original TikTok with your video.

You should seek out groups and users whose work interests you, or whose content you would like to imitate. The algorithm’s choice of what to show you on the For You Page (FYP) is a good predictor of the kinds of things you would enjoy and interact with.

Hashtag usage

Use hashtags to categorise your films so that they are surfaced to individuals searching for or discovering content related to a certain hashtag. Hashtags can be used to briefly summarise a video’s content and help viewers locate it.

To make your video stand out, use a combination of trendy hashtags and more specific tags. TikTok will show you the statistics of how many people are using the hashtags you choose.

Join the bandwagon (If it makes sense)

TikTok’s infectiousness and discoverability are founded on trending content types including videos and audio clips. Contributing to the discourse about trending subjects or events while they’re happening increases the likelihood that people will notice you and follow you for additional stuff like that. People are likely to be looking for information about a new Marvel film around the same time it opens in theatres, so it makes sense to create videos in anticipation of its debut.

Take advantage of TikTok Ads

Spark Ads can be used to advertise already-existing TikToks.
TikTok’s ability to “spark” previously uploaded films from your page and promote them to a wider audience in exchange for real-world currency is a distinctive feature. The appeal of this is that you can use TikTok to promote an already popular video to a wider audience, increasing the likelihood that viewers will be attracted to your page.

The interesting thing is that you can predict how well these videos will do based on metrics that are already part of the app.

Finally, some thoughts

After all is said and done, there is no magic bullet for rapidly amassing a large number of new followers. Acquiring a significant fan base and user base is a process that requires experimentation and an understanding of what works, even for the most well-known brands.

Consistent posting, participating in platform trends or activities, using hashtags, and investing real-world money in TikTok are just some of the methods to get a feel for the app and gain a larger fan base.

Leave a comment below and tell us what strategies you’re using to grow your page, and be sure to check out NoGood’s other videos for more helpful hints about using TikTok and other forms of online marketing.