6 Effective Strategies for Promoting Your Business on Instagram

Instagram launched IGTV in 2018. (or Instagram TV). While the site has received mixed reviews, there are still chances for small company owners to use it to grow their brand & audience, especially if they already have a sizable Instagram following. To this point, we’ll discuss methods for posting IGTV promoting videos and walk you through creating and uploading your video content. 

What Is Instagram TV?

Instagram’s video platform for video clips more extended than a minute is called IGTV. It’s a response to consumers who desire longer screen time than a 60-second Instagram Story clip allows. Indeed, Instagram’s Help Center specifies that films posted to IGTV from a smartphone must be fifteen minutes or less in length, but movies uploaded via the browser can be up to 60 minutes in length. At the same time, the video length limits on stories may well have deterred companies from using video to promote themselves; the launch of Instagram TV makes it simple to submit long-form video content. While approximately 18 percent of people watch IGTV, the channel may be a feasible option for diversifying your marketing efforts. You could grab more audiences and buy real IGTV likes to acquire many viewers for your IGTV videos.

How to Market on Instagram TV: 6 Ideas and Tips

To get you started, here are a few suggestions:

1. Utilize Pre-Existing Content

The most straightforward approach to begin using IGTV for marketing purposes is to adapt existing content. If you’ve already generated video content for other media platforms like YouTube or Facebook, adapting it for IGTV should be very straightforward. If your video is captured for a larger screen, then it could be challenging. However, if you’re able to reformat, you’ll be able to instantly begin utilizing IGTV and attracting followers on a new channel.

2. Be Unique

If you can think of a novel, innovative method to use IGTV, you’re likely to garner some attention. Restaurant owners, for example, may upload footage of their cooks creating daily lunch specials. It might be a single post or a sequence of posts. On the other side, social promotion might be another method for your organization to utilize IGTV.

3. Provide an Inside Look at Your Business

Establish trust with audiences by demonstrating what a typical day at your place of business looks like—for instance, conduct interviews with employees and executives. Conduct a tour of the office for viewers. Alternatively, document the manufacturing process of your items. Demonstrate to them what occurs in the background daily.

4. Create instructional content

Your target audience may benefit from tutorial videos, depending on the business. For example, if you’re a graphic designer, you could offer a short Photoshop 101 tutorial or a web developer to provide a brief HTML 101 tutorial. Develop goodwill by creating video material that addresses a specific issue. Viewers will remember you when they are in the market for the items or services you supply.

5. Capture a Memorable Moment

If your firm hosts a yearly conference, trade exhibition, or training, virtual views can help you improve attendance—stream portions of the meeting on IGTV to gauge the success of your marketing effort.

6. Inspire Discussion

Consider conducting interviews with prominent people or influencers in the field. Additionally, you might host FAQs sessions for users. Regardless of the themes you cover on Instagram TV; it’s critical to monitor the performance of your videos. By clicking “View Insights,” you can determine its engagement level.

Final Words

While Instagram users prefer to browse photographs over videos, video marketing has a place on the site. As creators and companies experiment with new methods to advertise themselves via IGTV, it’s up to you to choose what works best for you & whether this feature might benefit your business. While IGTV isn’t for everyone, the benefit is that it is available, and it doesn’t get much easier than that. Once you’re ready to begin, it’s as simple as a tap of the finger.

6 Effective Strategies for Promoting Your Business on Instagram

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