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EUMed-Grid [Empowering eScience across the Mediterranean]


In order to access the EUMEDGRID infrastructure, you need to become a member of the EUMED Virtual Organisation (VO) registering yourself in the relative web page of the Virtual Organization Membership Service (VOMS).

To issue the needed request you must have a personal certificate installed in your browser, issued from one of the Certification Authorities (CAs) trusted by the project. The list of these Certification Authorities can be inspected here.

Please, note that users from Greece, Israel, Spain, Turkey and CERN should directly ask their national CAs to get a personal certificate.
Users from Italy and the beneficiary Countries should ask the INFN-CA following the procedure outlined below.

Request of personal certificate (step 1)
Before asking a personal certificate, the user must first meet face-to-face the local Registration Authority (RA) of the INFN CA that is responsible for checking users' identity.
In details:

  • the user meets face-to-face the competent RA;
  • the RA verifies that the user has a valid identity document;
  • the RA fills a form with the user information: name, surname and email address;
  • the RA gives to the user the ID code produced by the on-line authorization process;
  • the user, using his/her own browser, download the INFN CA certificate;
  • once the ID code has been received by the user (and within 48 hours after that), he/she requests the certificate giving the same information provided to the RA;
  • if everything is all right, the user will receive, within 2 working days, the instructions needed to download his/her personal certificate (to download the certificate, you must use the same browser employed in the request phase).

Once you get the certificate, all the EUMEDGRID users have to accept the EUMEDGRID VO Acceptable Use Policy (step 2).


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