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EUMed-Grid [Empowering eScience across the Mediterranean]

the EUMEDGRID deliverables

  • document no.: D3.1
  • document title: CA and RA procedures and guidelines
  • deadline: 31/07/2006
  • delivery to EU due on: 14/09/2006
  • status: done
  • responsible partner: INFN
  • document: CA and RA procedures and guidelines
  • previous versions: none
  • abstract: This document describes the State of the Art of the creation of Certification Authorities (CAs) and Registration Authorities (RAs) in the countries of the Mediterranean Area. A set of guidelines for the creation and implementation of a new CAs/RAs is also presented. The aim of the document is then, from one side, to show the present picture of the efforts done by EUMEDGRID Project towards the creation of such Authorities in the Med Countries and, on the other side, to suggest the procedures and the best practices that should be followed to successfully set up new Authorities.
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