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EUMed-Grid [Empowering eScience across the Mediterranean]


  • country: Malta
  • author: Prof. Johan Briffa
  • institute: University of Malta (UoM)
  • domain: Engineering
  • contacts: [email protected]
  • description: SimCommSys is a modular Monte Carlo simulation system for Error Control Coding in Communication Systems. The problem is embarassinlgy parallel, so the master first starts all slaves working, and then assigns new jobs quanta as each slave reports back with the result of the last job. This automatically balances the load, so that the program works, with the highest possible efficiency. The master handles result aggregation and all I/O.
  • requirements: There are no needed packages or special software tags to request to run this application on the EUMEDGRID infrastructure. All necessary software is actually sent via InputSandbox.
  • notes: The application has been successful deployed on the EUMEDGRID e-Science Infrastructure.
    For further information, please contact:
    Giuseppe LA ROCCA
    Lorenzo NERI
    Kyriakos MAIFOSHIS

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