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  • country: Morocco
  • author: Ossama MEROUN, Tarek BARDOUNI
  • institute: UAE/FST Laboratory of Radiation & Nuclear Systems
  • domain: Engineering
  • contacts: Meroun Ossama, Tarek Bardouni
  • description: The Subchannel Analysis Code for Application to Triga research reactors is a preliminary code devoted to study the thermalhydraulic behaviour of Moroccan TRIGA MARK II research reactor. Subchannel approach is used to model the geometry of the reactor core. Over each subchannel temperature, pressure and flow rate are predicted by solving Navier-Stokes equations coupled to the energy conservation equation.
  • requirements: The application requires MPI compiler for Fortran90. It has been installed on EUMEDGRID e-Science Infrastructure and allowed CEs are currently publishing the following software tag: VO-eumed-MPIF90_1.2.7p1
  • notes: The application has been successful deployed on the EUMEDGRID e-Science Infrastructure. A graphic interface is also available on the infrastructure GENIUS Grid Portal.
    For further information, please contact:
    Giuseppe LA ROCCA
    Lorenzo NERI
    Kyriakos MAIFOSHIS

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