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EUMed-Grid [Empowering eScience across the Mediterranean]


  • country: Morocco
  • author: Prof. Said Benhlima
  • institute: Faculté des Sciences de Meknes
  • domain: engineering
  • contacts: [email protected]
  • description: GROGET is a simulation system for generating trajectories allowing a robot the goal seeking and collision avoidance. It’s a system who can help to study the behavior of a group of purely reactive mobile robots. It is written whith C++, compatible with gcc. Using openGL (Mesa) and GLUT librairies.
  • requirements: The application requires a set of software packages already deployed on the EUMEDGRID e-Science Infrastructure. These packages are related to the Mesa/MesaGLU/MesaGLUT support and another package to support the X framebuffer. All these packages are available from the SLC3.x software repository and then no software tags were published. Finalle FFMPEG has been installed on EUMEDGRID e-Science Infrastructure and allowed CEs are currently publishing the following software tag: VO-eumed-FMPEG-0.4.9
  • notes: The application has been successful deployed on the EUMEDGRID e-Science Infrastructure. A graphic interface is also available on the infrastructure GENIUS Grid Portal.
    For further information, please contact:
    Giuseppe LA ROCCA
    Lorenzo NERI
    Kyriakos MAIFOSHIS

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